Top 10 Skin Sins

Facial Care - What not to do Thou shalt not…go to bed without first removing makeup.
Girls, this is a major no-no. Leaving the accumulation of dirt, oil and makeup on your face for more than 24 hours is just begging for acne. Use makeup remover, wash with a mild facial cleanser, tone and moisturize.

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Thou shalt not…ever leave the house without applying sunscreen.
Sun is the number one skin aging culprit. Worse still, harmful UV rays can lead to more serious skin diseases like skin cancer.

Thou shalt never forgo water for soda.
Drink 8 glasses (approximately 2 liters) of water per day to flush out toxins and re-hydrate the skin.

Thou shalt not…forego regular beauty sleep.
I know we can't all get 8 hours a night, but 8 hours most nights of the week will allow your body the time it needs to recuperate. You will awake refreshed and glowing.

Thou shalt not…allow stress to consume your life.
Sure, we all get stressed out once in a while, but a life wrought with stress is a face wrought with wrinkles.

Thou shalt not…sacrifice beautiful skin for junk food.
I have no doubts when I say that junk food is responsible for the majority of pimples. So nix the potato chips and French fries for some yogurt, granola and fruit. You don't have to cut junk food totally out of your life, just enjoy in moderation.

Thou shalt not…pick and pop pimples.
Your dermatologist will agree, popping and picking at pimples only spreads oil and dirt around your face - causing more pimples. It can also result in acne scarring that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Thou shalt not…use the same soap on your face that you use to wash your body and hands.
Shower washes, body washes and hand soaps are too harsh for your face and continual use will lead to dry, flaky skin.

Thou shalt not…refrain from moisturizing just because you are a male.
That's right men - listen up! Your skin collects oil, dirt and dries out just like the rest of us. So test out your mom's, wife's, girlfriend's or sister's brand of facial cleanser and moisturizer to see if you like it…we won't tell.

Thou shalt not…use heavy foundations if you're prone to acne.
Most teenaged girls cake on the foundation in the hopes that they're covering acne and blemishes. When in reality pancake powder and heavy foundations just block pores and create more acne. If you have acne-prone skin, choose a light foundation and wash your applicator sponge or brush after every foundation application.

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