Waxing is a temporary method used to remove unwanted body hair in both small and large doses - including the eyebrows, mustache, chin, chest, legs and bikini line.

Unsightly hairs can be removed in a few seconds thanks to waxing. Since waxing removes hair at the root, new hair won't grow back in the waxed area for 3 to 8 weeks. Waxing is done by spreading a thin layer of wax over the skin and unwanted hairs. A cotton cloth strip is pressed on the top of the wax and then ripped off with a rapid movement - much like a bandage. This ripping effect not only removes the wax and unwanted hair, but it also removes dead skin cells so that the skin is smooth.

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There are two types of waxing techniques - cold waxing and warm waxing. Cold wax kits can be purchased at any drugstore and are popular for people to apply at home. Warm waxing is more effective compared to cold waxing, but it's normally performed by professional aesthetician in a beauty salon. Any hair that re-grows in waxed areas is fine and soft, not coarse or sharp like re-grown shaved hair. After repeated waxing, hair re-growth becomes less common and after some time hair in the waxed area may never grow back.

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