Tweezing is an easy, but somewhat painful hair removal method. It's still the most popular way to remove unruly strands from eyebrows, chins, around nipples and toes. It's also the least expensive method of hair removal, as the only thing you need is a pair of good tweezers.

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Tweezers come in three main types, and their type depends on the shape of their tip. Thin tipped tweezers are ideal for getting a firm hold on tiny, fine or ingrown hairs. Slanted tipped tweezers provide full-control. They are precise and ideal for beginners. Tweezers with square tips are very useful when it comes to pulling out thick hairs or more than one hair at a time.

Before tweezing, a warm bath or shower is helpful to open up your pores, so that the hair follicles are loose and the hair is softened as well. The best time to tweeze your eyebrows is before bedtime. This will allows any redness caused by plucking to disappear overnight. After tweezing, you can rub a cool tea bag or ice cube on the area to soothe the skin.

Many people believe that tweezing will speed up the hair growth; however this is untrue. Hair growth may appear to increase after tweezing because of the body's effect to repair itself. Tweezing is not suitable for large areas as it can cause ingrown hairs and scarring.

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