Facial threading is an acquired skill that must be performed by a professional. Threading uses a piece of thread to remove fine hair from the most delicate areas of the face. This hair removal method began in Turkey thousands years ago. It's very common to women in the Middle East and India, as it affects most females in these countries starting in their childhood.

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Traditionally, threading is used on the entire face, including eyebrows, upper lip, sideburns, chin and cheeks. During the procedure, a well-trained professional holds two ends of a cotton thread in his or her hands. The middle of the threads is looped through the index and middle fingers. He or she then uses the loop to catch the unwanted hair and yanks it out from the skin's surface.

The results of threading can last up to four weeks. Unlike shaving or waxing, threading doesn't hurt the top layer of the skin. Hence the skin barely experiences redness or irritation. Depending on the client's desire, hair can be removed one at a time or in bunches.

To have threading performed, the hair above the skin doesn't have to be long, and threading does a fantastic job on fine hair. Threading is fast, clean and inexpensive. However, it can be painful and itchy afterwards. Bacterial infection can occur in the hair follicles as well, so the skin may appear a little puffy.

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