Temporary Hair Removal

Many men and women choose to remove unwanted hair temporarily, for cosmetic, social or cultural reasons. Unlike permanent hair removal, temporary hair removal methods are affordable and easy to perform by yourself, at home.

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Depilation and epilation are the two main methods of removing hair temporarily. Depilation includes shaving and depilatories; while epilation includes waxing, sugaring, threading, rotary epilators and tweezing. Epilation methods generally last longer than most depilation methods. Waxing is the most painful, but effective way to remove hair at roots. That's why avid waxers live by the slogan: "it hurts to be beautiful!"

Most temporary methods remove the hair shaft, but don't damage actual hair follicles or hair roots. Therefore, new hair will continue to grow. Temporary hair removal must be performed every few days to every few weeks - depending on the method you use and your rate of hair growth.

Temporarily hair removal products include easy instructions. Temporary products are safe and effective, but care must be taken to insure that surrounding skin isn't irritated. Shelves of temporary hair removal products are available at almost any drugstore. They include:

Rotary Epilators
Indian Threading

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