Sugaring is a common temporary hair removal method that has been used for thousands of years. Body sugaring is similar to waxing; however it makes use of sugar as the main sticky ingredient instead of hot wax.

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The sugaring process is so simple that people can buy sugaring kits and remove unwanted hair at home. Body sugaring is performed when sugar is applied to areas with unwanted hair. The sugar will slightly warm up and stick only to the hair, not to the skin. For this reason body sugaring is known to cause less skin irritation or discomfort than wax.

Sugaring is a kind of epilation, which means it removes the hair from its root underneath the skin's surface. As a result, one sugaring session can last four to six weeks without hair re-growth. Recently, skin care scientists have developed heat-free sugaring to provide the skin with more comfort during sugaring applications.

In order for sugaring to work well, the unwanted hair must be a minimum of 1/8-inch in length. Otherwise, the strip of cotton or muslin cloth won't be attached to the hair firmly enough, and the unwanted hair won't be removed completely. Despite the fact that sugaring can be messy, people still use sugaring because it's easy and convenient to use anytime at home. Plus it's inexpensive. One kit of sugaring costs less than $20 online.

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