Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has become the most popular treatment to rid bodies of unwanted hair. This is because it is fast, effective, comfortable, safe and long-lasting for permanent hair removal.

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Laser hair removal is performed by sending a beam of laser light into a group of hair follicles with enough heat to destroy the root. The laser ray finds the hair follicles by aiming at the hair shafts "melanin"; which gives skin and hair its dark color. On light skin laser hair removal is easier to achieve as dark hair follicles are easier to spot on light skin. Laser hair removal is hard to perform on people with white, grey, red or blond hair.

Laser hair removal can be performed on almost any part of your body - except for the eyes. The most common areas for the laser hair treatment are the face, upper lip, neck, chest, back, underarms, periareolar (surrounding the areola), abdomen, legs and on the bikini line.

Laser hair removal is basically harmless for the skin surrounding each hair follicle. However, cooling gel, spray or a cooled tip pressed against the skin will assure the skin isn't harmed. Laser hair removal treatment is costly. It's varies as to the size of the area that's treated. The average cost of per treatment session is about $500. To have your hair completely removed, an average of four treatment sessions is recommended.

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