Intense Pulsed Light

Intense pulsed light (IPL), also known as intense light source (ILS), exposes the hair follicles to wavelengths of light. The intense pulsed light is absorbed by each hair follicle, resulting in epilation (the removal of hair from beneath the surface of the skin) and the damage of any further growth. ILP destroys each follicle when pulses of light target the melanin in the hair shaft. After the follicle is damaged, the hair cells slow down their rate of production dramatically, so that hair can be removed with ease. The intense pulsed light causes minimal damage to the surrounding skin tissue.

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Unlike laser hair removal, IPL doesn't use a single wavelength of light to damage hair follicles. Instead, the wavelength, exposure duration, and energy level of IPL are determined based on amount of hair follicles in the area targeted. The size of the hand piece of an IPL machine can cover larger areas of unwanted hair in less time then a laser. Therefore, IPL technology is more efficient in removing unwanted hair from large areas - such as the back or legs.

The IPL works effectively - especially for individuals who have a light-skinned tone and dark hair. Although the IPL device is a safe way to remove unwanted hair permanently, improper treatment can be painful, cause skin discoloration, red patches and burns. During the treatment, you will need to shield your eyes from the light.

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