Electrolysis, or electrology, is a permanent method used to remove unwanted hair on almost any part of the body.

Electrolysis targets hair follicle roots beneath the skin's surface and completely damages them by administering a small amount of electrical current through a fine probe or needle. This not only banishes existing hair; it prevents any future hair growth from that follicle. A qualified electrologist can perform electrolysis properly by inserting the hair-thin probe, without even puncturing the skin or causing you any pain or inflammation afterwards. Performing electrolysis on your own is a major no-no. It can result in injury, scarring and the spread of infection.

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Electrolysis has been used as a permanent hair removal method for more than 125 years. The practice was discovered by Dr Charles Michel from Missouri in 1875. The good doctor discovered that by passing negative energy into the hair follicle and allowing the energy to build up hair growth was stunted permanently.

The initial equipment used to perform electrolysis was very crude. The now hair-thin needles were then darning-style needles. Needless to say, although the results of electrolysis were satisfactory the method was slow, tedious and very painful. Today, electrolysis hardly causes any discomfort. It's quick, rather painless and it's a very affordable alternative to tweezing the eyebrows, face and hairline. Electrolysis is also a painless alternative to removing large patches of hair on the chest, underarms, legs, feet, shoulders or back. However, more than one session of electrolysis may have to be performed to get severely hairy areas.

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