Depilatories are hair removal creams that can dissolve the keratin; which makes up the hair below the skin's surface. One of the most popular depilatory products on the market today is Nair.

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The main ingredients that make up depilatories are chemical sodium thioglycolate and calcium thioglycolate. Both of these ingredients aggressively take action on hair, so the skin around the hair follicles needs to be protected so it doesn't suffer pain or irritation.

For the best protection:
  • First, soften the hair with warm water so that the hair follicles open to absorb the depilatories.
  • Next, let depilatories sit on the unwanted hair for a recommended time.
  • Finally, use a cotton cloth to wipe the depilatories off instead of simply rinsing them with water. The extra pressure from the cloth will help take away more of the hair shaft.
Depilatories usually have a mildly unpleasant sulphur-like odor after application, but don't let the smell worry you. It will disappear once the cream is rinsed off. Hair removal using depilatories lasts a few days. Since this method is pain-free and inexpensive, depilatories are popular for individuals who are in a hurry to remove unwanted hair. Beware if you have sensitive skin! Depilatories aren't suitable for every one and those with sensitive skin often report that depilatories irritate their skin.

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