Unwanted Hair Removal

Unwanted hair is defined as any excess body hair that causes you cosmetic concern. Typical places we loathe to find unruly hairs is on the upper lip, cheeks, chin and neck (for women), on the back, chest, underarms, fingers, abdomen, legs and feet. In North America, where being hairy equates to being undesirable, we celebrate smoothness - sometimes even where men are concerned.

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Unwanted hair grows because of many underlying factors - such as genetics or as a result of taking some medications which may affect the hormones. For example, taking steroids is known to cause excess hair growth.

There are many ways to remove unwanted hair from the body - such as bleaching, shaving, waxing, electrolysis and laser treatment. Permanent hair removal banishes unwanted hair for long-lasting results with the help of professionals. However, it can be at painful and rather costly measures. The alternative, temporary hair removal is much cheaper and you can remove your unwanted hair at home for much less money. However, because your hair removal isn't being performed by a professional aesthetician, this method can cause ingrown hairs and skin irritations.

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