Suntan Oil

Suntan oils are popular for their dual waterproofing and moisturizing properties.

Suntan oil is typically made of a blend of mineral oil combined with avocado oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, emu oil, aloe vera, almond oil and carrot extract. Some exclusive, natural sun tan oils contain antioxidants and vitamins. This combined effect results in a defensive skin barrier and a moisturizer made with essential nutrients, leaving you with a prolonged, glowing bronze tan.

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Suntan oils help promote a continuous satiny dark tan. They also counteract the sun's premature aging effects by supplying the skin with much needed moisture. Using suntan oils with a high SPF can protect the skin against harmful UV sunrays and boost natural tanning. However, suntan oils that do contain SPF only range from 2 to 4. Many don't contain any SPF protection at all because it's difficult to add sunscreen to an oil based formula. Therefore, suntan oils hardly offer adequate sun protection.

Recent innovations in suntan oils are designed to contain added pharmaceutical oils; which soften the skin effectively. Some sun tan oils are also available to specifically protect face and hair. If you go to the beach by yourself, you might wonder how you apply sun tan oil on your back. Never fear, suntan oils with spray pumps are very popular and handy to use. Plus, they apply the suntan oil more evenly than lotion bottles.

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