Lip Balm

Lips never tan, but that doesn't mean they don't get burned. Protecting your lips with good quality lip balm is as imperative as caring the rest of your skin - especially when they're exposed to harmful sun rays.

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If you've spent time in the sun with unprotected lips you will notice your smackers will feel dehydrated and chapped. Even in the winter, the wind, cold and UV rays can wreak havoc on our delicate lips. Appling a lip balm that contains an SPF (at least of 15) can help to prevent the dryness wind and sunburn. Lip balms should be applied both in summer and winter. In winter, lip balms also can protect lips from windburn and dry indoor heating. Make your lips kissable with popular flavors like peppermint, cherry and shea butter.

Lip BalmsThe most soothing lip balms contain aloe vera, Vitamin A, D, and E as their key ingredients. These components work gently to provide the lips with necessary nutrients as well as to soothe chapping and sun burn. Lips balm can also be found in PABA-free and fragrance-free forms. These safe, non-greasy properties relieve the most sensitive lips. Lip balms specially designed for lip relief contain an ingredient called phenol combined with camphor and menthol. In instances of severely chapped, cracked lips this kind of medication is beneficial for a short time. However, using phenol on a long-term basis is not recommended, as phenol is a skin irritant.

There are two styles of lip balms on the market - transparent and colored lip balms; which can also be used as lipsticks. Lip balm usually costs between $2 and $8 online.

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