As soon as the snow melts it seems people are exposing their skin in hopes of a sun-kissed tan. Even though it's well known that exposure to the sun for long periods of time can cause skin damage, we all do our fair share of sun worshipping. Thanks to sun protection skin care manufacturers, skin bronzers were produced to help you achieve a temporary tanned look - without the sun's help.

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Bronzers normally refer to makeup powders that can be brushed onto the face, in the same way you apply powder blushes. Bronzer powders include sparkle powders and non-sparkle powders in a range of skin tones - from light tan to very dark bronze. Almost all facial skin care manufacturers produce bronzers as a part of their makeup line. To get the best color, always use a bronzer while tanning.

Liquid bronzers are also applied topically and used as tinted moisturizers to darken the skin within hours. These typically can last for an entire day. Liquid bronzers can be applied not only on the face, buy also to the entire body. Liquid bronzers can be washed off easily with soap and water. However, they will stain your clothing if you apply them in rainy, wet conditions.

Although skin bronzers fall into the sun protection product category, most don't contain UV protection or sunscreen ingredients. Before you buy, read the label carefully to ensure you're choosing a suitable bronzer to protect your skin from the sun's rays.

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