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OmbelleOmbrelle was launched in 1990. It was the first to introduce a product called Parsol 1789 in its sun protection formulations. With the support of L'Oreal research, Ombrelle has been able to continuously improve its unique skin protection formulas.

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Today's Ombrelle is among North America's sun protection leaders. Ombrelle was the first dermatological recommended sun protection and is proud to be recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association (CDA). Ombrelle offers a wide range of SPF protection in its standard daily sunblocks, spray lotions and sports sunblocks.

The daily sunblocks that Ombrelle carries provide photostable protection throughout the UVA spectrum and can filter out up to 93-percent of UVB sunrays. Ombrelle spray lotion and sports sunblocks are designed with light, clear, broad-spectrum and fast-drying solutions, so that they can be absorbed by the skin instantly without feeling greasy. The spray lotions are superlative for use on the scalp, hairy areas of the body and oily, acne-prone skin. Ombrelle recently invented a product called Cold Weather Defense to help protect skin during winter.

Ombrelle After-Sun lotion is enriched with vitamin C. The nutrient lotion can replenish and moisturize the skin for up to 12 hours. The highest SPF that Ombrelle offers is SPF 60. It's safe for individuals with photodermatosis and any skin sensitivities to use. Ombrelle does test their products on animals.

The price range of Ombrelle is above average. For example, one bottle of Standard Lotion, SPF 15 (120-milileters) is roughly $11 online. When you purchase Ombrelle sun protection products, don't forget to look for the CDA logo on the packaging.

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