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No-AdNo-Ad sun protection line was manufactured in 1960 by Solar Cosmetic Labs, Inc. in Miami, Florida. Compared to other national brands, No-Ad sun protection products offer double the packaging size, so they can remain affordable. With its leading waterproof, sweat-proof and non-greasy formula, No-Ad has grown to become one of the biggest suncare brands in the U.S. Its products can be found in 35 countries all over the world.

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The No-Ad product line has introduced general sun protection, sport sunblock lotion, sunblock for babies and kids, tanning lotions, after-sun care, sunless tanning, and lip and face protection. No-Ad offers a wide range of protection - from SPF 15 to SPF of 50. No-Ad's hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free formulas are ideal for the sensitive skinned, babies and kids.

No-Ad tanning lotions contain rich Aloe Vera, vitamin E and carrot extract in order to moisturize the skin to prevent it from peeling, as well as to supply the skin with an instant bronzy glow. In addition, No-Ad has portable lip balms and the sunblocks for the nose, forehead and ears.

One bottle of No-Ad sunblock, sport ultra, SPF 30 (16-fluid ounces) is about $8 online.

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