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Banana BoatIn 1986, Barry Hall introduced his new franchise called Banana Boat Suncare to Hawaii through his company B & B Island Distributing. Playtex Products acquired Banana Boat in 1992.

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Banana Boat Suncare has long-ranked Hawaii's top-selling sun protection care brand. Today, its product line includes tanning lotions, high SPF (50 maximum) sunblocks and after sun lotions, tanning oil, sunless tinted lotions, after sun relief and lip care products. Banana Boat was also the innovator behind spray tanning lotions. These clear rub-free tanning sprays keep your hands clean and sand-free, unlike many other types of sun block.

A unique product called Banana Boat Surf offers unique sun protection with high SPF and waterproof properties that protect the skin for up to 8 hours. This non-greasy formula can be applied easily and protects the skin both in and out of the water.

Banana Boat still uses animal testing.

One bottle of Banana Boat Dark Tanning Oil Spray, SPF 4 (8-fluid ounces) costs approximately $7 online.

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