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Bain de SoleilInspired by fashion muse, Coco Chanel, skin care developer Monsieur Antoine invented an Orange Gelee (moisture rich) tanning formula in Paris, in 1925. The formula was originally dubbed "Antoine de Paris". In the 1940's the formula was introduced to the U.S by a New York based company called Lanvin, who changed the name to Antoine's Bain de Soleil - meaning "Antoine's Bath of the Sun".

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Today, Bain de Soleil is still designing self tanning and sunscreen products to help women achieve fabulous tans; without harmful sun exposure. Bain de Soleil sun protection products contain natural botanicals, aloe, chamomile, coneflower and vitamin E and B5. Most Bain de Soleil sunscreen products don't contain oil or fragrance, so the light formula moisturizes and pampers your skin without leaving it sticky. Bain de Soleil does test its products on animals so if you're against this, we suggest you check out a different brand of sun block.

Apply Bain de Soleil tanner evenly to any unclothed areas prior to sun exposure. Avoid contact with light color bathing suits to avoid staining them. After swimming Bain de Soleil will need to be reapplied to maintain tanning color. Bain de Soleil self tanner crèmes supply the skin with beautiful color in just 2 to 3 hours, and can last up to 3 days. Bain de Soliel's Radiance Eternelle Self Tanning Crème, in medium dark or dark (3.2-fluid ounces) starts at $15 online.

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