Skin Care for Teens

It seems that acne-prone skin just comes with the territory for teenagers. Since most teenagers' hormones become a chaotic mess during puberty, many bodily functions are sent into overproduction mode. For example, the skin produces far more sebum (an oily substance excreted from the glands) than is necessary. As a result the skin's pores get blocked with sebum and pimples appear on the face, neck and upper back.

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To care for oily skin that's prone to frequent breakouts, wash the face gently with a mild cleanser - once in the morning and once before bedtime. Many teens try to remove oil and acne by scrubbing their skin, but scrubbing too often will over-stimulate the oil glands making acne and oil production worse. Harsh scrubbing and popping zits will also leave you with scars from your acne.

Teens can soothe painful acne by applying a homemade treatment. Just apply egg yolk to your face for ten minutes - just enough time for the skin to absorb the nutrients - then wash it off. Additional tips to reduce acne are to keep makeup light - especially heavy foundations on a daily basis. Some girls think foundation helps to hide zits, but the truth is that it only clogs the pores and causes more breakouts. Adopting a proper skin care routine as a teen will not only make you look better, it will also help you maintain healthy skin as you age.

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