Skin Care and Pregnancy

Skin Care and Pregnancy Pregnancy brings dramatic hormonal changes and effects on the skin. Pregnant women tend to have oilier skin than normal - this results in frequent acne breakouts. Mom's-to-be need to re-evaluate their skin care routines to keep skin clear and healthy. Daily cleansing with a mild, oil-free facial wash is a good way to prevent acne.

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Stretch marks are the most common skin blemish to appear during pregnancy. Stretch marks appear as the skin stretches rapidly. As a result the skin tears and leaves visible fine lines on the tummy, legs or arms. Skin care pregnancy products that are rich in vitamin E, such as cocoa butter and Shea butter, are ideal for deep skin moisturizing during and after pregnancy to heal and lessen the sight of stretch marks.

Another noticeable skin disorder for pregnant women is melasma, also known as the "mask of pregnancy". Melasma, caused by heightened estrogen levels and sunlight, is a brown pigment that appears around the eyes and cheeks and sometimes above the lips. Normally melasma will disappear after pregnancy, but applying sunscreens is thought to help prevent it. Bleaching creams are used by some women to help fade melasma after their baby is born.

Tip: Reduce your pregnant mate's swollen feet by massaging them with refreshing peppermint or green tea foot gels.

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