Oily Skin

When asked to describe what oily skin looks like, one would typically imagine large pores, oily pimples and blemishes.

Oily skin excretes far more oil then it needs to, sometimes taking on a shiny, grimy appearance. Teenagers are the most common victims of oily skin, because of their raging hormones. In addition, diets rich in greasy foods, pregnancy, birth control pills, harsh cosmetics and hot temperatures are common triggers for an oily complexion.

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To keep skin clean and to reduce dirt and oil, you'll need to cleanse with a pure soap that doesn't contain any artificial additives. Oily skin products like natural soaps will wash away the grease and prevent the pores from becoming clogged and dissolve sebum (the oily substance produced by sebaceous glands in the skin) effectively. Exfoliaters and clay or mud masks are useful for deep skin cleansing. Only apply an oil-free moisturizer after the skin has been washed. Oil-free moisturizers keep the skin hydrated lightly, but won't clog the pores.

A diet rich in leafy vegetables and fruits will promote a drier, cleaner complexion. Avoid fried, spicy foods or deserts and candy chocked full of sugar and chocolate. Smoking and drinking alcohol are also the prime culprits of oily skin. Skin care made with herbal ingredients such as Aloe Vera, lavender, lemongrass, green tea, licorice root, rosebuds and witch hazel can help effectively control oily skin.

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