Dry Skin

Dry skin, also known as "xerosis", is a very common skin type. Dry skin is characterized by a parched appearance and a firm skin texture - especially in winter when skin is exposed to cold, dry air and indoor heating systems.

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Dry skin most commonly appears on the arms face and legs - first appearing as small pink spots. If not treated, dry skin can turn into painful red patches of bumpy skin that will eventually become itchy and flake. Sometimes dry skin can be so itchy and irritated that it will disturb sleep. Keeping your skin moisturized and seeking professional treatments if problems persist will help your skin look its best.

To alleviate your skin's dryness, cleanse with moisturizing products and apply a rich oil-based cream or lotion frequently throughout the day - and especially before bedtime. One effective way to keep dry skin hydrated is by decreasing the frequency, temperature and length of your baths and showers. Also avoid the use of harsh soaps when bathing or cleansing your face and always apply a moisturizing lotion to your entire body after bathing and before bedtime. Eat lots of fruits and drink plenty of water to replenish dehydrated skin.

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