Combination Skin

Does your nose look shiny while your cheek feels dry? This is a stereotypical description of combination skin.

Combination skin, as the name implies, is a mixture of two different types of skin. This skin type characteristically combines oily skin in T-zone pattern; which starts at the forehead, runs along the bridge of the nose and ends at the bottom of the chin. While normal to dry skin covers the rest of the face.

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Combination skin is most affected by seasonal changes and stress. To care for combination skin, keep your skin clean by washing with a mild cleanser twice a day. Moisturize the dry area with a rich moisturizer; and control oily areas with large pores by applying a toners or mask after cleaning.

Oil-absorbing makeup is the best choice for combination skin types. Because combination skin is so sensitive, use skin products that are light formula with no fragrances.

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