Skin Disorders

Skin disorders are severe skin problems. They not only cause physically grief - like redness, itchiness, thickness of the skin, burning sensations and oozing fluids - but they can also cause psychological stress if they interfere with your regular relationships, social activities and your appearance.

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The appearance of an unfamiliar skin disorder frightens many - especially if it affects or distorts their appearance. Researching and becoming familiar with the symptoms and causes of your skin disorder is the most effective way to treat it properly and control the outbreaks. The causes of many skin disorders are still unknown; however, many are often thought either to be influenced by the body's immune system or caused by something genetic.

Be aware that not all skin disorders are dangerous or life-lasting. In fact, many skin disorders occur only for a short period of time and can be cleared up with the help of a doctor or dermatologist.

Information on some of the more common skin disorders has been collected in order to provide you with a better understanding of their symptoms and how to treat them.

Cold Sores
Skin Ulcers
Spider Veins
Varicose Veins

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