Skin Care Tips for the 50-Plus Woman

Stop menopause from ruining your skin

Our fifties are perhaps the time when we'll notice the most dramatic change in our skin - if skin damage does not present itself in our forties, it surely will now. Sun exposure from our youth manifests itself in deep wrinkles and fines lines, and the skin underneath our eyes may appear a little puffier. On top of that, by now most women are entering menopause, and the changes to their hormones create a whole new set of skin conditions and issues. The decline in progesterone and estrogen levels causes skin to become thinner and more delicate, so extra care must be taken to treat the skin gently.

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Fortunately, there are several ways you can protect your skin and restore some of its elasticity and glow. It may be a good time to make some facial appointments or try out some homemade facial recipes including avocado, papaya, cucumber or essential oils.

Here are some other tips for keeping healthy, rejuvenated skin throughout your fifties:

  • Keep your skin hydrated, this cannot be stressed enough. Use a good quality moisturizer, preferably one containing retinol or alpha hydroxyl acid.
  • Use an anti-aging or anti-wrinkle night cream.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Use a gentle exfoliator once each week.
  • Wash your face with cool water. (Hot water dries out the skin.)
  • Use a body lotion regularly.
  • Apply sunscreen liberally - your skin is thinner and therefore is more sensitive to the sun.

It is just as important to eat healthy and exercise regularly in your fifties, as it is at any age - maybe even more so. With the added stress of menopause, a healthier lifestyle will help you feel energized, happy and in good condition. Consume fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as plenty of whole grains. Try to avoid eating too many fatty or processed foods, and cut back on caffeine and alcohol which can dehydrate you. And remember, it's important not to stress over the aging process, or worry too much about wrinkles - they're natural and everyone gets them. Really, they're just a sign of life experience, so be proud!

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