Skin Care Tips for the 40-Something Woman

Keep wrinkles and age spots at bay

If ever we mistreated our skin in the past, our forties are when we'll experience the negative effects. If we spent a lot of time in the sun or in tanning beds, if we smoked, lacked sleep or had a high-stress lifestyle, it will likely all come out in our skin. We may see fine lines and wrinkles, crow's feet, age spots, blemishes and dull skin. Not only that, changes in skin texture become apparent, and our faces and hands can become dry and flaky.

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It sounds dismal, but these skin troubles can be rectified. With proper daily care, the condition of your skin can be improved, even in your forties. It may be more involved and more expensive than it was in your twenties, but your skin will thank you.

Here are some tips for improving and maintaining your skin throughout your forties:

  • Use a cleanser twice daily. Follow up with a toner that will not dry out your skin and a quality moisturizer, or perhaps an anti-wrinkle cream. Try to use a product that contains retinol or alpha-hydroxy acids.
  • Vitamin A products, such as Retin-A, can be helpful in reversing damage from the sun and reducing brown spots. You will require extra sun protection with vitamin A products because they will increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun.
  • Use an anti-aging or anti-wrinkle night cream.
  • When purchasing makeup, choose a foundation that contains a moisturizer to ensure your skin does not dry out. Some brands specifically make anti-aging makeup.
  • Take vitamins, particularly C, D and E.
  • Drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. Not only will you feel refreshed and healthy, your skin will have a more youthful glow.

Just when you thought you had enough skin problems to contend with, you may also experience adult acne in your forties. Hard to believe that a skin condition you finally overcame after your teens would be back once more! Because you skin is different than it was two decades ago, you have to take a new approach when tackling adult acne. The best way is to start off by using over-the-counter benzyl peroxide based topical. If that fails, move on to a prescription product containing retinoids or an antibiotic.

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