Skin Care Tips for the 20-Something Man

Protect your skin from stress

At some point during our twenties, most of us start to take a closer look at our skin. We start looking for any visible lines on our forehead and watch for the first sign of crow's feet. Most of us are beyond the stage of acne, but we need to continue caring for our skin if we want to prevent premature aging.

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Life can be complicated in our twenties. From finishing school and finding a job to buying a house or renting an apartment and having to pay bills, most of us are pretty stressed out. Stress is like poison for our bodies and our skin. Thus, one of the best ways to treat our skin in our twenties is to beat our stress.

The best way to combat stress and prevent premature aging is to find ways to relax and unwind. Participating in sports or taking on other forms of exercise will help you release tension, improve your mood and improve your body - not to mention your complexion!

Getting a massage is another great way to relax and those essential oils will work wonders on your skin!

Also try getting a facial. Professional skin care treatments are clearly not just for women anymore, as more and more men are heading off to the spa for some exfoliation and cleansing. Regular treatments will unclog your pores and remove dead skin, allowing new skin to breathe. If going to the spa isn't for you, there are homemade treatments that work as well. Ingredients like banana, oatmeal and lemon work well in facials. This treatment is also good for relieving skin irritation from shaving.

There are a number of products, from moisturizers to exfoliators, available specifically for men, including those from well-known companies like Nivea and Clinique. Although it may seem easier to share, it's important for men to use products designed specifically for them, as women have entirely different skin care needs. Apply moisturizer after shaving and then again at night after cleansing your face. When cleansing your face, try not use harsh soaps - they can dry out your skin and leave it irritated. There are several types of mild cleansers available.

Improving your lifestyle by cutting back on caffeine, alcohol and fatty and high-sugar foods will also help improve your skin and slow down the aging process. And a healthier lifestyle will not only make you look better on the outside, but will make you feel better on the inside as well!

Skin care picks for men

Facial Cleanser

Anthony Logistics Glycolic Facial Cleanser deep cleans pores and removes dead skin cells for a better shave. It also helps prevent ingrown hairs and irritation from razor burn. It contains aloe vera and glycolic acid. This cleanser is priced at $18.

Facial Moisturizer

Anthony Logistics Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 is a light moisturizing lotion designed specifically for men. It contains bilberry, citrus and vitamins to hydrate and nourish the skin, and SPF to provide sun protection. It retails for $30.

Brave Soldier

Brave Soldier Shower Shave is a gel designed to make shaving effortless. This product lubricates facial hair and bonds with water for a quick, smooth shave. It contains wheat amino acids and jojoba oil. It retails for $15.


Biotherm Homme Aquapower Body Moisturizing & Quenching Body Care moisturizes and tones skin with vitamins and minerals. It also contains shea butter and thermal spring water. This product is priced at $21.

Jack Black

Jack Black Face Buff works as a pre-shave cleanser and exfoliator. It contains menthol, vitamin C and licorice extract, and is designed to remove dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs. It is priced at $17.

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