Eat Your Way to Clear Skin


Skin problems like acne can be corrected by modifying your diet You're mother was right - you are what you eat! Eating a diet full of the right foods could lead to a brighter complexion, firmer texture and fewer wrinkles.

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Even though greasy, salty and fatty foods haven't been directly held responsible for causing acne, skin problems like acne can be corrected by modifying your diet in the following ways:


  • Water - The number one secret to beautiful skin is absolutely free from the tap. Water is hands down, the best way to revitalize dry, dull skin. Eight to nine glasses of water per day will eventually lead to skin that looks firmer, smoother and younger. If you drink enough water it can even make wrinkles and fine lines less obvious.
  • Essential Fatty Acids - Eating the right fats is also the key to smooth, supple skin. Healthy fats found in foods containing poly and monounsaturated oils like sesame seeds, nuts and olive oil can cure dry, flaky skin in a mere two weeks. Just a tablespoon daily may make a huge difference to dry skin. Don't steer clear of oil because you have acne. Dermatologists actually claim that incorporating a teaspoon of essential fatty acids into your diet can help cut down the over-production of sebum that the oil glands secrete.
  • Soy - Whether whole soybean or tofu, soy has been dubbed a natural skin beautifier. Soy is high in estrogen and vitamin E. Eating just a half cup, three times per week will keep your skin hydrated, acne-free and encourage the constant regeneration of new cells.
  • Oatmeal - the warm and hearty goodness of oatmeal is chalked-full of vitamin B and fiber. By eating a steaming bowl of fiber-rich food - such as oatmeal, barley or bulgur wheat - our bodies can better filter out bad toxins (for example the nasty toxins that cause blemishes) and encourage the development of new skin cells.
  • Fish - Fatty fish, such as sardines and salmon, contain loads of zinc and essential fatty acids (as mentioned above). On average, most women are iron deficient. By consuming fatty fish or iron-rich spinach 2 to 3 times per week, breakouts will occur less frequently and skin will glow thanks to the growth of new skin cells. FYI - Doctors don't recommend eating foods that contain high levels of iron if you are pregnant or nursing
  • Colorful Fruits - The vivid orange, yellow and deep purple colors found in fruits like blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and melon make them a delicious topping to cereal, salads and yogurt. However, berries are rich in antioxidants - which protect the skin against damage caused by free radicals. Berries have been shown to effectively curb the signs of aging skin. Also, just a handful overflows with the goodness of vitamin C; which your body needs in order to produce collagen and keep skin firm. Orange fruits like melons and tangerines are rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A - two nutrients that can mend deep wrinkles and skin damage.

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