Bid Adieu to Cellulite

Bid Adieu to Cellulite In the United States almost 80% of all women under the age of 50 have experienced the horrors of cellulite. Although mostly associated with women, cellulite affects millions of individuals worldwide. Most women agree that if they could change one thing about the way they look it would be bidding farewell to their cellulite.

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Cellulite is a condition that commonly appears on the thighs, butt and lower torso. Cellulite occurs when fatty deposits build up and form bulges underneath the skin (referred to as "cottage cheese"). In extreme cases, cellulite also resides on the arms and upper torso. Unfortunately, cellulite is one of the hardest conditions to get rid of.

The simplest way to eliminate cellulite is by undergoing liposuction. Liposuction is very successful; however it doesn't do anything to prevent cellulite from coming back after surgery. Liposuction isn't a procedure we would recommend. There are many risks associated with liposuction and we suggest thoroughly researching this method before making any decisions.

There are also many cellulite creams available that claim to work. Cellulite and skin firming creams effectively moisturize and firming the skin. Even though cellulite creams are effective in "hiding" cellulite; they don't effectively eliminate it.

The following list includes natural methods of eliminating cellulite. These are the safest and healthiest ways to rid of it. The chance of totally eliminating cellulite on your body is rare; however there are things which can be done to lessen and control the appearance of cellulite.
  1. Diet - We mean maintaining a healthy diet. The toxic buildup unhealthy food is the leading factor in cellulite production. A diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low fat dairy and lean meats is the best defense against weight gain and cellulite.
  2. Exercise - A combination of cardio activity and strength training stimulates blood circulation and speeds up the body's metabolism. It also improves muscle tone and firms the skin tissue. Firm tissue will smooth and is less likely to attract cellulite.
  3. Relaxation - De-stressing your life is an effective way to prevent and eliminate cellulite. Studies show that those who enjoy a healthy diet, regular exercise and restful sleep are less likely to be overweight.
  4. Massage - The best way to get rid of cellulite is to get the circulation moving in the affected area. Massaging areas prone to cellulite causes circulate to increase and creates movement.
Cellulite is a common condition that makes many individuals feel insecure. However, if you're not concerned with cellulite - more power to you. Keep loving yourself for who you areā€¦not for the way you look.

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