Tea Tree Oil

Natural Skin Care - Tea Tree OilTea tree oil was first discovered centuries ago by the aborigines of Australia. Tea tree oil is sometimes referred to as melaleuca oil, because the Australian tea tree is extracted from the melaleuca alternifolia tree.

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Tea tree oil contains an adequate amount of terpinen-4-ol; which fights harmful bacteria and fungi effectively. This ingredient makes tea tree oil an effective treatment against acne. In addition, tea tree oil helps heal infections, small cuts, scrapes, insect bites and stings and even scarring. Sometimes tea tree oil is also formulated to relieve razor burns and sunburns. Tea tree oil is an effective skin treatment because it can penetrate the skin rapidly with its antibacterial properties. That explains why more and more dermatologists are approving tea tree oil as an extremely useful acne remedy.

In addition to its many skin care uses, tea tree oil can also be used to cure athlete's foot, cold and flu, cold sores, tooth aches and gum infections. However, before purchasing toothpaste containing tea tree oil, check with your doctor to make sure it's safe to use as tea tree oil can be dangerous if swallowed.

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