Shea Butter Skin Care

The shea butter that we apply to our skin is actually vegetable fat taken from the shea nut of the shea tree (or Karite nut tree). The shea tree grows mainly in the region of West Africa, but Burkina Faso (in Western Africa) is the largest exporter of shea butter in the world today.

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Shea butter is used as a major ingredient in sunscreen and sun protection products. This is because shea butter contains cinnamic acid; which provides vital protection against harmful UV rays.

Natural Skin Care - Shea ButterShea butter is also rich in vitamins A and E, both of which enhance skin cell regeneration and prompt blood circulation underneath the skin's surface. As a result, shea butter can be used safely for healing wounds, skin cracks and ulcers. Shea butter is also used as a treatment for dry skin, dermatomes, eczema, sun burns and even sensitive skin.

Shea butter is considered extremely safe due to its non-irritant and non-allergic characteristics. In addition, shea butter is also extremely anti-elastic; which means it provides excellent production against stretch marks. In winter months, applying shea butter to the lips and under the nose will protect your lips and face from drying out due to the harsh winter climate.

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