Oatmeal Skin Care

Did you start your morning off with a warm and hearty bowl of oatmeal? Congratulations, you've chosen the healthiest food in the world to begin your day.

Oats are native to eastern Asia and southern Europe. They are an excellent source of water-soluble fiber, and they contain no added sodium or cholesterol. Oats can help us maintain healthy blood sugar levels and keep us fit. Although oatmeal is predominantly thought of as food, it has been used for centuries in Egypt for its skin care properties. Oatmeal and clay were used by the ancient Egyptians as the primary ingredients in youth-promoting face masks.

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When applied to the face, oatmeal works by cleaning and moisturizing the skin to soothe and relieve skin irritations. It also works effectively to reduce skin dryness and itching.

Natural Skin Care - OatmealOne of the easiest home remedies for smoothing and softening your skin is a facial mask made with mixture of quick-cooking dry oatmeal and water or milk. Cover your entire face with the mixture and let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Once the mixture is dry rinse it off with warm water. Oatmeal works as a natural exfoliator, to remove dead skin cells and reveal fresh, pristine skin.

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