Natural Skin Care - HoneyHoney is Mother Nature's sweetener. This delicious golden liquid is made from the nectar of beehives. In order to produce one pound of honey, a hive of bees would have to fly over 55,000 miles and visit more than two million flowers. Honey is a prominent ingredient in skin care products as it helps to promote alpha hydroxy acids (AHA's); which exfoliate the skin and reveal new skin cells.

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Skin care manufacturers use honey in almost everything from hair products, facial masks, shower gels and soaps to skin moisturizers and hand lotions. All-natural honey has significant antioxidant properties. This means it effectively relieves sunburn pain and razor burn. Pure honey is also an anti-irritant, which means it is suitable to use on babies and sensitive skin.

To give skin a silky youthful glow, add a ΒΌ cup honey to your bath water. Then relax and let your skin absorb the honey's nutrients. Using honey as a leave-in hair conditioner is another easy home remedy to treat dull, lifeless locks. Just stir 1 teaspoon of honey into 4 cups of warm water. Apply the mixture after shampooing and don't rinse it off.

Sweet Tip: If your hair is blonde, don't forget to add a few drops of lemon juice in order to protect your hair color.

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