Emu Oil Skin Care

Emu oil has recently gained attention among North Americans for its superb moisturizing abilities. However, emu oil has been used for thousands of years by Aboriginal peoples as a natural way to soften the skin. Emu oil is rich in both oleic and linoleic fatty acids; which are monounsaturated fatty acids used in cosmetics, ointments and lubricating oils.

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All skin types can benefit from emu oil's gentle non-greasy attributes as it's able to penetrate the skin deeply without plugging the pores. In addition to softening the skin, studies have shown that emu oil is effective in reducing pain associated with muscles, joints, swelling due to arthritis, bed sores, sports injuries, sunburns and razor burns. Emu oil also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory to soothe insect bites, cold sores and severe skin disorders such as eczema, seborrhea (excessive oiliness of the face and scalp), psoriasis and dermatitis.

Natural Skin Care - Emu OilEmu oil is a fantastic skin hydrating product. It helps to promote the natural healing of scars, blemishes, stretch marks and has even been reported as an effective hair loss treatment. In addition, emu oil helps to diminish wrinkles and fine lines by re-hydrating the dry areas around the eyes and mouth.

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