Avocado Skin Care

Avocado, known as the "alligator pear", originally hailed from southern Mexico. The avocado tree is an evergreen tree that sometimes grows as tall as 80-feet high. Its flowers are small in size and yellow-green in color. The avocado grows to its full potential in mild climates such as Florida, California and Hawaii.

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Avocado is frequently used in rich spa products because it's provides a rich source of vitamin A, B, D and E. Unknown to most; avocado contains more potassium than a banana (approximately 60 percent more). Therefore, skin care products infused with avocado penetrate the skin evenly and quickly, making the skin smooth and moisturized as a result. Eating avocado regularly will lower your serum cholesterol and phospholipids and keep them at healthy levels.

Natural Skin Care - AvocadoYou can turn a regular day at home into a spa day if you have avocado on hand in your kitchen. Simply mash one avocado into a bowl and apply it to your hair, face, back, lips, hands and feet. Avocado is an ideal remedy for eczema, red skin, aging skin and sensitive skin.

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