Apricot Skin Care

Apricots are a type of stone fruit. They're characterized by a juicy flavor and sweet fragrance. Apricot trees originated in northern China, but today Turkey is the biggest apricot producer, with Iran and Italy ranking in second and third place due to their Mediterranean climates. These small to medium-sized trees bloom with white flowers in early spring. Apricot trees have wider leaves than other fruit trees, such as peach, pear and cherry trees.

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Apricots are rich in vitamin A and C - especially when the fruit is dried. Vitamin A is an essential vitamin that can help improve vision and provide defense against colds and other flu bugs.

When applied cosmetically, apricot softens the skin and helps to Natural Skin Care - Apricotenhance skin tone. Because apricot is inexpensive and easy to cultivate, it's often used as a substitute for almond oil in skin care products. Cosmetic manufacturers often use apricot to make soaps, creams, perfumes and other deep moisturizing skin care products. The lovely peachy color and fresh aroma of apricot adds a breath of spring to any product it's added to.

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