Aloe Vera Skin Care

Aloe is derived from the gel of the cactus-like Aloe plant. This plant is native to Africa and commonly referred to as aloe vera. It survives by retaining more than 95-percent water in its thick leaves. This is why the Aloe Vera plant can survive in very dry, hot climates where most other plants perish.

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Although aloe resembles a cactus, the Aloe plant is a member of lily family. Aloe vera produces gel and latex (also called aloe juice). This gel is extracted from the plant's inner leaf and is often used topically to soothe the skin, heal burns and promote cell regeneration. Taken internally, Aloe Vera juice promotes lower intestinal function. This explains Aloe's prevalence in various skin care products and health beverages.

Natural Skin Care - Aloe VeraFor centuries, Aloe gel has been used to heal skin lesions, skin irritation and dryness. Its success has also made it a common additive to cough syrups. Aloe works most effectively when applied directly from the plant. Therefore, it's a common first aid staple found in houses around the world. Skin care products containing natural aloe vera, are thought to be the most trustworthy defense against skin dryness and sunburn.

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