Almond Skin Care Products

The almonds that we eat are actually seeds that come from the fruit of the almond tree. Almond trees blossom into white or pink flowers each summer. Almonds are white in color, but they're covered by a thin light brown peel and encased in a hard shell. Both sweet and bitter almonds are an incredible nutritional source of vitamin E, dietary fiber, protein and magnesium.

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The almonds people typically eat are sweet almonds. Bitter almond is used to flavor food or drink and is also often added to cosmetics. Studies show that eating almonds can help lower cholesterol. So snacking on almonds is a smart way to keep fit. Eating almonds also increases energy levels, softens the skin, reduces food cravings and improves sleep patterns.

Natural Skin Care - AlmondsSkin care products that contain almonds are especially effective for treating dry and sensitive skin. If you like crushed almonds in your salads, you can crush extra to make a facial mask. Simply mix two tablespoons of crushed almonds with one tablespoon of honey. Apply the mixture to your face for five minutes then rinse it off with cool water. Your skin will absorb the vitamins and nutrients in the almond and leave your face refreshed and revitalized. So, what are you waiting for? Go nuts!

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