Liquid Minerals

Minerals are as vital to your health as vitamins - in both diet and skin care.

Calcium, copper, germanium, magnesium, tin and zinc are all members of mineral family that are commonly found in skin care products. Modern technology has turned minerals into liquid form. This is so the teeny tiny minerals can be taken orally and absorbed by the body instantly. In addition to the benefits of taking them orally, the goodness of liquid minerals can also be absorbed immediately through the pores if they are applied to the skin.

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Many cosmetic manufacturers have noted how skin benefits from liquid minerals. This explains why liquid minerals make up the essential ingredients in many skin care products and makeup. The nutrients in liquid minerals are able to replenish the epidermis through the cellular layers. The common results of using skin care products or makeup containing liquid minerals are tighter pores, brighter skin, and the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.

Due to the organic and chelated (this refers to organic molecules that are more stable because they are protected from being prematurely broken down) characteristics of liquid minerals are also able to soothe the pain caused by sun burn damage. If you spray products containing liquid minerals on a sun burn, the pain is said to dissipate in seconds.

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