Lip Treatments

Remember when we were little girls and we'd apply Mom's lipstick in the hopes that we'd grow up quickly. However as grown women we long for the days when our lips were firm, pouty and pink without the need for lipstick.

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Lips, just like the rest of the skin, need to be pampered to keep them luscious and supple. Popular lip treatments include lip enhancers, or lip plumpers, lip repairs or lip creams, as well as lip balms and lip gloss.

Lip TreatmentsLip enhancers and lip plumpers are used to re-shape thin lips by plumping them up twice their size. Avoid using lip plumpers that contain ginger, cinnamon or menthol. These ingredients are too harsh for lips and they will cause the lips to burned and dry out.

The effects of lip repair products are similar to lip night creams. Both products contain vitamin E and other essential oils that are meant to moisturize dry, chapped lips to prevent further damage and fine lines.

Lip balms are for use all times of year, but are especially needed in winter and summer. Lip balms with SPF protection are very popular for wearing in the sun. Lip balms are also made with natural moisturizers such as beeswaxes, aloe vera, vitamin C. These are all excellent sources for preventing lip dryness, peeling and chapping. Many lipsticks and lip glosses now come with adding moisturizing agents, however if they don't simply apply your lip balm as a base and cover with lipstick or colored gloss. The lip balm will make your lip color look richer and stay on longer.

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