Facials are pampering skin treatments that refresh, re-hydrate and rejuvenate dry, tired, and stressful faces. Specialized facials exist for a variety of purposes including facials treat acne or blackheads, facials that energize or relax the skin, and deep cleaning or moisturizing facials.

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The two most popular types of professional include steam facials and mud facemasks. Steam facials treat the skin by steaming and massaging the face. Steam encourages the pores to open so that invisible dirt and grease is exposed and easily removed leaving the face clean and the pores acne-free. Steam also relaxes the skin and allows it to absorb and "lock in" moisturizer more effectively then simply applying a moisturizing lotion. After steaming, the face is massaged. This encourages blood circulation as well as relaxes the facial muscles. The relaxing, moisturizing effect of a steam facial reduces wrinkles and stress.

Mud facials, or mud facemasks, are applied to the face and allowed to dry. As the mud sits on the face it extracts impurities from the skin. Once the mud is dry it's removed, along with the dead skin cells.

Although a spa-quality facial is costly, there are many facial products available for you to treat your face at home. Spa quality products include various facial cleansers, deep cleaning mud masks, exfoliating cloths and even facial steamers and massagers.

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