Facial Spritzes

Facial spritzes are basically facial misting sprays that are used to calm and re-hydrate parched and tired skin - especially the face and neck.

Facial spritzes deliver an instant cooling sensation of refreshment, but in addition they provide a thin layer of protection that shields the skin from chemical and microbial damage. Facial spritzes are useful in indoor areas where heaters or air conditioning is constantly pumping - such as in office buildings or on planes. Facial spritz can also be used after makeup has been applied to seal in moisture.

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Facial spritzes are typically made of vitamin enriched water to hydrate the dull skin. The most common ingredients found in facial spritzes are D2O (Deuterium Oxide, known as "heavy water"), vitamin C, rose water, lavender, aloe vera, lemon and green tea extract. Mineral water is a quick substitute for a facial spritz; however spring water shouldn't be misted on the face because many brands contain chalk; which will leave a white layer on the skin.

Those with dry skin benefit from the convenient and instant moisture that a facial spritz delivers; although those with oil skin can use facial spritzes as a light moisturizer instead of applying a heavy cream. Patients who have undergone laser surgery can also use facial spritzes to reduce a scar's dry, flaky appearance.

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