Eye Gels

Eye Gels to re-hydrate the skin around the eyes Eye gels, like eye creams, are popular anti-aging cosmetics. Unlike eye creams, eye gels are transparent and have a light texture. Those that prefer eye gel often comment on the cooling sensation it leaves behind after it's applied.

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Eye gels re-hydrate the skin around the eyes. This area is the thinnest and most tender part on the body. This makes it a high risk for wrinkles because it doesn't have any oil glands or fatty layers to serve as protection. Eye gels are often make with natural oils and essential fats such as avocado, cucumber, grape seed oil, emu oil, seaweed, essential fatty acids and vitamins for added protection.

Eye gels effectively soothe puffy, baggy eyes and reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines under the eyes. When eye gel is applied the delicate skin around the eyes soaks it up. This stimulates collagen and elastin production and its cooling effect calms the skin and tightens up dry areas to protect them against wrinkles. Apply eye gel before going to bed to repair visible lines and skin damage while you sleep.

Using eye gel again in the morning after the face is cleansed will improve the puffy eyelids caused from a bad night's sleep.

Although eye gels are not as powerful firming agents as eye creams, they are a better choice for those with oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin. Night creams or daily moisturizers are often too heavy for the eyes and as a result block pores and cause acne.

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