Using an exfoliator to buff away dead skin cells and impurities should be the first step in your skin care regime. Most exfoliators contain naturally coarse ingredients - such as oatmeal, cornmeal, almond meal, grapefruit oils and salt minerals to effectively slough off dull, flaky skin. Once the old skin is removed, a layer of new, supple, fresh looking skin is exposed underneath.

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There are various different exfoliators for you to choose from. Common types include exfoliating mud masks, micro-bead face scrub, peeling masks, exfoliating gels and lotions and exfoliating cloths and gloves. Exfoliators can be used on daily basis. However, keeping your skin moisturized after removal of dead skin is very important. After cleansing, use your facial toner, followed by your moisturizer to help your skin look its best.

Exfoliators work well on oily skin, combination skin and normal skin. However, when an exfoliator is applied to dry skin you must be extra diligent with your moisturizing. With dry skin a special re-hydration program must be followed directly after you exfoliate in order to "lock in" moisture.

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