Dirt / Oil Removers

It's impossible to wash the face every time it feels greasy and dirty. Washing your face too frequently may dry out the skin or cause irritations. This is why dirt / oil removers are a useful way to get rid of excess oil without over drying.

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Dirt / oil removers come in either cream or lotion forms. Dirt and oil removers, like makeup removers, are normally designed according to skin type. Those with dry skin should look for a moisturizing dirt / oil remover; while those with oily skin would benefit from a water-based formula.

Dirt / oil removers clean the skin by whisking away oil and lifting dirt, makeup and impurities from the skin's surface. In addition, dirt / oil removers open the pores without upsetting the skin's natural protective barrier. Similar to makeup removers, dirt / oil removers work effectively to maintain the skin's PH balance to keep the skin healthy and fresh.

For convenient use, dirt / oil removers are now available in various forms including oil-absorbing sheets, invisible shine control powder and cotton foaming cloths. Those who suffer from acne and blackheads on the shoulders, back or upper arms can use dirt / oil removers to help reduce the spread of acne and to reduce clogged pores. Oil / dirt removers prevent blackheads or whiteheads from becoming clogged with sebum (oil) and from becoming inflamed.

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