Concealers provide you with a fresh, even surface to work with. Many think of concealers as their base coat. They are used to even out the skin's tone and to cover dark circles, fine lines, scars, blemishes, freckles and some small birthmarks.

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Concealers are normally applied before foundation to hide skin redness and lighten any imperfections on the face. Cream concealers should be matched closely with the shade of your foundation to give your face a natural smooth look and help your skin look its best.

Concealers come in a variety of different forms such as bottled creams, concealer sticks (that resemble lipsticks) or squeeze tubes with brushes. Regardless of your preferred style, most concealers are small enough to be tucked into your purse so they can be conveniently applied anywhere and anytime.

Liquid concealers are the most popular because they offer smooth coverage of large areas such as under-eye circles. Dry skin will benefit the most from a rich, liquid concealer with added moisturizing agents. The most effective, and expensive concealers contain mineral oil; which will effectively conceal trouble spots without being absorbed by the skin.

Concealers have various colors for you to choose from:
  • Yellow-based concealers will effectively mask scars.
  • Green-based concealers will even out red, blotchy skin tones.
  • Pink-tone concealers are often used to mask lighter skin, but sometimes these highlight rather than conceal imperfections.
Before purchasing a concealer, always test the color on your neck under natural light. This is done because the color of your neck is the closest to the color of your face. Before applying a concealer to a fresh pimple, make sure it's dry and healed to prevent further irritation.

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