Facial Skin Care

Put your best face forward

Facial Skin Care -Put your best face forward The skin on your face receives plenty of exposure. In fact, your face probably gets more show time than any other part of your body. Harmful UV rays, environmental pollutants, weather exposure and the general wear and tear associated with aging all wreck havoc on the skin on this very delicate area of the body. So it must be properly protected to keep it youthful, healthy and vibrant for as long as possible - and yes that includes men as well as women.

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Putting your best face forward starts with a healthy facial skin care regiment. Pampering your skin doesn't need to take a lot of time, but investing a little time and care is necessary for glowing, healthy skin. Using a variety of facial skin care products will prevent your skin from becoming (and staying) dry.

There is an array of products available at your local drug store and online to help your improve your skin's tone, complexion, elasticity and overall appearance. These include:

After Shave Lotion
Daily Moisturizers
Dry Skin Care
Eye Gels
Lip Treatments
Makeup Remover
Sensitive Skin Care
Skin Lightening
Skin Toner
Dirt and Oil Removers
Eye Creams
Facial Spritzes
Liquid Minerals
Night Creams
Skin Firming Cream
Skin Revitalizer

The first step of an effective skin care program starts with cleansing or exfoliating your face. If you have oily or acne-prone skin you may want to use makeup remover or an oil/dirt remover before you cleanse to remove excess dirt and facial oil. After cleansing many people opt to use an astringent or skin toner to close and tighten their pores and remove any traces of excess dirt and oil. The final, and arguably the most important step of a basic skin care program is applying moisturizer.

More advanced skin care includes anti-aging products such as eye creams, eye gels, masks, night creams, liquid vitamins, skin firming creams, skin revitalizers and facials. And don't forget to pamper your kisser with some lip treatment.

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