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ShiseidoJust by its pronunciation, you've probably guessed that the name Shiseido hails from Japan.

Shiseido, the first private, western-style pharmacy, was born in 1872 on the Ginza, the fashion and cultural hub of Japan. Arinobu Fukuhara, its founder, and also a former head pharmacist to the Japanese navy, traveled to the U.S and Europe where he was introduced to western-style pharmaceuticals, as well as rare food like soda and ice cream. Fukuhara returned to his homeland where he unveiled his discoveries to the traditional Japanese public.

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The very first product that Shiseido introduced was toothpaste in 1888. At this time the Japanese used toothpowders. Shiseido entered the cosmetic business with the launch of Eudermine; which was based on western pharmaceutical formula. Eudermine has provided Japanese women with soft, beautiful skin since 1897.

Shiseido started forming offshoots within Japan in 1923. In 1957, after Shiseido had launched sales in Taiwan successfully, it continually expanded its network throughout all of Asia. Today, Shiseido has grown to over 25,000 outlets all over the world.

Shiseido's product line includes daily skin care, facial whitening creams, makeup, body care, hair care, sun care products and skin care products for men. Shiseido does conduct animal testing. The price range of Shiseido products is expensive. One Shiseido stick foundation (12-gram) costs around $32 online.

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