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PondsThe brand Pond's was first introduced in a bottle of Pond's Golden Treasure; a witch-hazel based cream. Theron T. Pond, a pharmacist from New York, developed Pond's Golden Treasure in the mid-19th Century. In 1886, Pond's Extract Company formally launched to the mass market.

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Pond's Cold Cream and Vanishing Cream heightened Pond's status in beauty industry in 1914. By the middle of the 1920s, Pond's became a pioneer in the realm of women's beauty, with its facial skin care products and beauty routines. After a successful merger with Chesebrough Manufacturing for over 32 years, Unilever eventually acquired Chesebrough-Pond's in 1987.

Today, the Pond's product line consists of facial cleansers, moisturizers, classical cold creams, makeup removers, clean sweeps and sun protection. Lately, Pond's anti-aging facial creams; which are formulated with ingredients such as Dermal-Recovery Complex, Alpha Hydroxyls and collagen became Pond's most successful skin care products.

With its rich heritage, Pond's turned a tiny one-man laboratory into a trendy cosmetic brand known in 58 countries in the world. One jar of Pond's Dry Skin Formula (10.1-ounces) is about $8 online.

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