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BiothermBiotherm was founded in 1950. Its high quality products have been sold in high-end department and specialty stores in 62 countries for more than half a century.

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Biotherm was first to discover the Pure Extract of Thermal Plankton. This product is derived from thermal springs deep under the French mountains. Plankton is an ingredient that contains essential trace elements, mineral salts and vitamins. It took Biotherm 20 years to create the formula in its purest and most vigorous form.

Acquired by L'Oreal in 1970, Biotherm's product catalogue includes face care, body care, makeup, in addition to sun care and men's skin care products. Both women and men choose Biotherm not only for its visible effects, but also because it fits well into their natural lifestyles. Biotherm does not test on any animals. As a result, Biotherm is ranked the third most successful skincare brand in Europe.

Biotherm products are fairly expensive. A bottle of Biosource Invigorating Cleaning Milk (250-milliliters/8.3-ounces) costs approximately $21 online. Other star products, like Biotherm's Age Fitness (anti-aging moisturizer), Biotherm Men, and Biotherm's Skin Loving Colors Makeup all received excellent feedback online.

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